I'm not that big of a beauty person but once I discover something that I really love they tend to stick with me for quite some time. Here's my top three old and new beauty favourites that are filling the contents of my purse lately:Beauty FavouritesOPI nailpolish / 1 of 6 from the New York City ballet collection, called My Pointe Exactly. This is my most used bottle of polish, I've literally bought 3 bottles of this shade because it's just that perfect. It's quite sheer at first but after a couple of coats it turns out to be a nice soft grey, like this. Care To Danse? is also a goodie from this collection and is a delicate lilac tint. Then there's Pirouette My Whistle to get you in a good mood with sparkly glitter.Apivita organic lip balm / Just what you need for smooth lips without having to get your fingers involved. This one is made of 100% natural ingredients including honey, olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil and jojoba esters. I also have it in Pomegranate which smells quite delicious also!Grown Alchemist hand cream / Not only am I really attracted to their new logo and packaging, but the scent of this persian rose & argan extract hand cream really takes you to another place. Try it and have a smell for yourself, the beautiful Molten Store are giving it away as a gift for every purchase over $150.Comme des Garcons pouch / Because polka dots are fun, fun, fun and this triples are a make-up pouch, travel wallet or all-rounder-everything purse. Right now it's filled with all my foreign cash from my recent Europe trip that I still need to exchange back to Australian dollars. It's also available here from My Wardrobe.Sign up to our newsletter for more style and fashion favourites.Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTubePhoto and Styling: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly