Bali Shopping: Where To Shop In Seminyak

Chances are that you love to have a good ol' shop when you travel, no? Shopping in Bali is a little different from other Asian destinations - there's no big malls with airconditioning that you can stay in to escape the heat. Instead, boutiques are scattered around on different streets. My favourite stores are all around Seminyak area, here's a list for you to plan a visit when travelling to Bali. 

Bali Shopping: Where To Shop in Seminyak

Bali Shopping - From Boutique, Seminyak BaliFromFor all the minimalists out there, or those that just love a good quality basic, you’ll love From. The merchandising alone drew me in the ever first time I travelled and wandered around Seminyak. They have a range of homewares and fashion accessories alongside their own range of apparel. Bali Shopping - My favourite stores in Seminyak BaliMagali PascalIf you’re a big fan of Isabel Marant like I am, Magali Pascal will be your favourite boutique to shop at whilst you’re in Bali. You’ll find chic, effortless, easy-to-wear pieces from this French label inspired by Parisian 'Bourgeois Boheme.' There’s one boutique just a few steps away from From, with a few others also around Seminyak. Related: What to wear when travelling to Bali Bali Shopping - My favourite stores in Seminyak BaliCooperative de Creation Remember my ‘Remember Me’ bracelet? This is the store I got it from. Well, I didn’t buy it; my did on our ever first trip to Bali. That sneaky (and yes, sweet) little sucker went and bought me one of the bracelets I was looking at while I was in the middle of getting a massage/mani/pedi. Then he surprised me with a gift on the plane home which was this! Make your way in to Cooperative de Creation if you love a good quote or need a bit of inspiration. Bali Shopping - My favourite stores in Seminyak BaliLulu YasmineA travel inspired clothing label with pieces that also ooze the chic, effortless and free spirited style that I love. The ethos behind Lulu Yasmine is that all pieces are handmade using sophisticated organic fabrics like silks, linens and cotton. Bali Shopping - Toko Emporium SeminyakSource: Toko Emporium Toko EmporiumYou won’t miss the bright neon colours of Toko Emporium, a lifestyle store filled with homewares, art, jewellery and fashion accessories. A nice little store to pick up some gifts to bring back home.and... Bintang SupermarketTurning in a different direction compared to the boutiques mentioned above but definitely worth a mention. It’s the biggest supermarket in Bali where you can pretty much find every necessity. I go a little bit wild when it comes to trying different beauty products like soaps and those under eye pad things, which I’m not quite sure if they actually do anything but they’re fun to try. This is also where I recommend to withdraw money (ATM’s outside), exchange currency (across the road), get a Balinese sim card (right in front of it) and of course stock up on some weird and wonderful Asian snacks. Do you have any favourite stores or tips for shopping in Bali? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know! Read more: One Street, 3 Favourite Eats (In Seminyak, Bali)