5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To India

India was the first country I travelled to that really opened my eyes. I travelled to India before Europe and my friends thought I was nuts. I guess it's not everyones cup of tea but for me it was a country I had been dreaming of visiting for years. It was my love for the 70's hippie movement, embroidery, patchwork, spirituality and history. I guess no one I knew back then was really as curious as I was to see and experience the beauty in this country.Travel to India - places to travel in IndiaLooking back on old photos always makes me feel that sense of nostalgia and as I ponder about my next trip back (I really want to go to the south!) I thought I'd share with you five reasons why you should travel to India:1. It's a destination to visit at least once in your lifetime to really get out of your comfort zone and get a different perspective on life. You'll learn how to appreciate what you have back at home and realise how fortunate you are. It's not easy but I can assure you it will be enriching and an extremely memorable experience.Related: India Instagram DiaryTravel - 5 reasons why you should travel to India2. Religion and Spirituality. Hinduism is the dominent religion in India but is rather a way of life than just a religion and with yoga known to originate from India there are plenty of places to practice, meditate, or spend time at an ashram. All very refreshing for the soul...Travel - 5 reasons why you should travel to India3. There's alot of satisfaction that comes from experiencing a culture through your taste buds and eating your way through India can really broaden your idea of what food they have to offer. Vegetarians will have no problem dining with most dishes being meat-free but in saying that it doesn't compromise taste. If you're a fan of chai tea like I am, once you have the original masala chai here nothing compares when you get back home, it's that good.Travel - 5 reasons you should travel to India4. The architecture and history behind everything is extremely fascinating. It really is a never-ending place of magical forts, palaces, temples, mosques, ancient ruins and monuments. The Taj Mahal is the first of the 7 wonders of the world that I've ticked off my list - it's so much more magical in real life than you see in pictures.Related: Up close at The Taj MahalTravel - 5 reasons why you should travel to India5. It's hard to not want to buy handicrafts, patchwork pieces, embroidered scarves and artwork from the craftsmanship of Indian artisans, their work is truly genuine and very intricate. It's enlightening to see behind the scenes and the effort that goes into their work. A little handmade treasure from your travels is always a lot more sentimental as a souvenir rather than a magnet too.Related: Travel Style - Enchanting IndiaTravel - 5 reasons you should travel to IndiaWhen you experience India for the first time, the person you are when you arrive will no longer mirror the person you become when you leave. It took me a while but when I quit my full-time job at 22 I travelled for a couple of months to places I had never been before - first stop was Bali and then India. Immersing myself into different and unfamiliar cultures was the ultimate plan and what I love most about travelling, cultures that are very distinct and make you feel completely foreign but strangely at home...You can watch my India Video Diary here.Happy travels xRead more: Jaisalmer Travel Guide All Photos: Aubrey Daquinag and Paul Serra for The Love Assembly