3 Steps To Keeping Gadgets Safe Whilst Traveling


If you’re a regular reader of travel blogs, you would be very aware of the digital nomad trend: a person that is able to work on the road whilst exploring the world.

Many places have featured in The Love Assembly’s ‘travelling office’ - from islands in Indonesia and cafe’s in Melbourne, to most recently in the bohemian neighbourhood of San Blas here in Cusco that I’m actually settling into the groove of life quite well - yoga in the morning, cute cafes for a decent coffee to get me through a few hours of work, español classes and local + expat friends to show me what Peru has to offer in a different way. Whether you’re working on the road like I am or on vacation we all like to document our travels, along with ourselves it’s important to also keep our gadgets safe. I carry around plenty of tech gear so I thought I’d share the three steps I take before hitting the road and also during my trip that keep my gadgets safe whilst travelling and prepare for if something bad was to unexpectedly happen.

1. First things first: Lay out your gadgets and take a photo of all the items that you are bringing.

Mine usually consists of my cameras, lenses, my Macbook pro, iPhone, and chargers. Gather the receipts of your tech gear and keep these aside somewhere safe. This prepares you in the *fingers crossed this doesn’t happen* unforeseen situation of something going wrong and if you need to make a claim on travel insurance - which leads me to my next point. 

2. Purchase travel insurance. Please do!

I’ve agreed to writing this and get a genuine message across as a friend of mine whom I met at the beginning of this trip had his iPhone stolen whilst in a crowded space for a festival here but didn’t have travel insurance which in the end - sucks. I personally always purchase travel insurance because you never know what is going happen and for this trip I got the single journey with Southern Cross Travel Insurance. We all hope nothing bad happens when we travel of course but at least in the end this gives you peace of mind that if anything unfortunate arises - from injuries and medical expenses to loss of luggage, robberies or missed flights, we’re covered.

Better to be safe than sorry, no? 

3. Be aware. Sometimes we tend to forget.

This may seem very simple but when we’re travelling we need to be much more aware than we are back in our hometown of everything that’s both exciting but unfamiliar to us. Just like the situation mentioned above - crowded spaces are hot spots for thieves! Because I photograph for work I normally take my Canon Digital SLR out to shoot for travel, landscape and lifestyle photography, then I switch between my smaller Panasonic Lumix mirrorless camera and iPhone for when I go out at night and don’t want to carry around a heavy camera. If I’m hesitant with the area I generally do a road test and get a feel of the area first sans SLR. Back in accommodation, don’t keep them exposed - use the in room safe and/or lockers. While out exploring, keep your gear safe in a suitable bag or zipped compartments.

Keep safe and happy travels!

This post is in collaboration with Southern Cross Travel Insurance. All opinions are, as always, my own.