11 Things That Only People Who Love To Travel Understand


Love to travel? We feel you. 

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11. We refer to cities as if they’re people.

You'll find us saying things like "Paris, je t'aime." and "Sun's out to play. Melbourne, you're alright!" People think we're crazy, but to us it's totally normal.Travel to the Philippines - Palawan, El Nido

10. We plan our next travel adventure when we’re in the middle of one.

Because, why not? In Hong Kong, booked tickets to Byron Bay. True Story. Watch more: Byron Bay Video DiaryTravel El Nido Palawan: Cadlao Resort

9. Travel uniforms are the norm in our books.

Sure, we still like to keep stylish on the road, but this doesn’t get in between the more important things. Our travel uniforms have a specific colour palette and can mix/match for multiple looks.Read more: What To Wear In Bali (Or Any Tropical Destination)[show_lookbook_widget id="238972"] 

8. Travelling with or without company appeals to us.

We enjoy making travel memories with our nearest and dearest, but we also don’t mind if we have no one to travel with, we know we’ll make friends along the way.Travel Palawan, The Philippines 

7. Jet lag.

Ain't a thing! 

6. We understand the consequences.

We get it. Travelling won’t get travelling ‘out of our system’ but we do it anyway. And will do it over and over and over x100 again.Read more: We Travel Not To Escape Life, But For Life Not To Escape Us.

Passport Book - the love assembly

5. Somehow everyday items resemble anything travel related.

A passport style notebook. Touch lamp in the shape of a globe. Scratch map poster… The list goes on.[show_lookbook_widget id="239118"] 

4. Our Bucket Lists are never-ending.

There’s places we’ve experienced and crossed off our list but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t go back there to experience it in a totally different way.Read more: Here's How To Create Your Dream Bucket List The Love Assembly Polaroids

3. Any destination is a new adventure.

It doesn’t matter if it’s to another country, state, or neighbourhood. We see any new place as a new adventure to get exploring, and make memories along the way.[show_lookbook_widget id="239116"] 

2. We unintentionally have a collection of foreign currencies in our wallet.

Arriving home in Australia and ordering a coffee but only having rupees, euros, pesos in our wallet. Naturally we save it for the next trip because #4, man.[show_lookbook_widget id="239124"] 

1. That giddy feeling when you start researching a new destination.

Pinterest board created. Salivating over food to try. Things to see and do noted. Budget planned. Outfits that would most likely match the surrounds and activities perfectly, check. Okay, I’m ready. to. go. NOW.Travel: Takinoue Park Japan

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