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Hola mi amor [Hello my love!] – I’m so glad you found us!

I’m Aubrey, creator and Australian travel blogger behind The Love Assembly – a travel, style and life inspiration blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating young women to live a more creative and curious life. Here I am, in my glamping get-up (hehe) in-between working on my laptop and exploring waterfalls in Victoria, Australia.


Glamping in Victoria Australia | Travel and Style Blog


The Love Assembly is a destination for you to spark your world of wanderlust and wander through a world filled with travel and blog tips, travel stories, inspiration, and style. I write this to welcome you to an unconventional way of living; to inspire you to chase your dreams – no matter how crazy you think they may be – and help you find and pursue your passion.

Here’s my story to becoming a

Travel and Style Blogger.

When I started The Love Assembly I knew I wanted to do one thing – create a community and inspire, okay that’s two things but you know what I’m sayin’. And with that in mind I launched this blog in November 2012 with interviews of creative individuals (from a PR consultant starting her own successful fashion college to a flower enthusiast who turned her love for flowers into a flower styling business) who were essentially doing what they love, and loving what they do.

Over time it has evolved to feature many other lifestyle categories that focuses on living life to the fullest, more so on Travel. Something I feel is necessary in life to learn, grow and evolve. Nowadays I’m extremely happy to have The Love Assembly to work on, to grow – to call my job. I travel, I write, I take photographs, and I share these experiences here and since July 2014, partnered with Condé Nast Traveler as the first Australian travel blogger – something which was super exciting and reassuring at the same time. To travel as a job – what a dream!

But this wasn’t all handed to me on a plate, it’s taken me late nights/early mornings, hard (and smart) work, self-taught learning (thank you google!), and a lot of hustle. It all started when I decided to leave my comfort zone and head into the unknown world…



Back in high school I thought I knew what I wanted to do in life. I was (and still am) a creative at heart and I loved fashion. Even though I couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly which direction (buying, marketing, styling etc.) I would see myself heading in, I knew I wanted to work my way up into a significant position in the creative industry of fashion here in my hometown of Sydney, Australia.

All of my friends applied and went to university straight after high school, I instead, threw myself into the deep end and got a full time job in the magazine publishing industry. After many years in the 9-5 world – working my way up from basic administration at a fashion and culture magazine, to eventually a senior position managing my own clients at a fashion and lifestyle PR and Marketing Agency (with some part time study in between) – I remember thinking ‘is this it?’

I remember being dissatisfied, unmotivated, bored and most of all, unfulfilled. Don’t get me wrong it was a cool gig – I met the most incredible and talented people, I was building brands from scratch, styling models and a few celebrities, designer clothes, VIP events, free tickets to shows and festivals, photoshoots – a very different world to where all my friends were at at the time, but there was something missing; I was sick of counting down the days until the weekend and knew there had to be more to life.

After many 3am brainstorming sessions and plotting cunning ideas, I decided to quit my full time job. Ironically, I left with no concrete idea of actually knowing what to do with myself, only the drive to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and on creating a higher purpose. 

There was alot of travel that happened after my 9-5 working world, I went back to countries I had visited before and also explored destinations for the very first time. I visited India, Bali, Europe, Hong Kong and the Philippines. I was curious as ever, about life, about people, about different cultures, about true passion.

The Love Assembly was born out of pure curiosity; the hunger for an independent style of living, self expression and creative freedom, female empowerment, and basically expressing the underlying thought of living a life with purpose and inspiring you to do the same, whatever your passion may be.

We love to share all our discoveries (both old and new), secrets and tips from our avid travels, food+drink tastings and global shopping finds. Our stories, guides, and inspiration is for you, The Love Assembly girl―cultured, ever so curious, and a lover of life.

It’s my passion, my purpose, and my dream to build a community, encourage you to chase your dreams, and to remind you to love and live your life, every day. You should probably start at the beginning – our very first post that takes you behind the scenes (just me starting from scratch!) and features our inspiring mood board. Or you can get straight into our popular and favourite posts below.

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I hope you stay a while, wander along by my side on this journey, and most of all, be inspired.

Big Love,


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