Travel Fashion: Back from The Philippines

Travel Finds: Back From The Philippines

After a 2 month stay travelling around The Philippines to find and share recommendations from food to fashion, the unpacking begins! Following from these items, here are a few favourite travel finds from The Philippines:

Travel Fashion: Back from The Philippines


Cashmere & wool blend scarf

A super soft and neutral coloured scarf to be part of my in flight travel essentials. This one from Uniqlo was just too good in quality and in price that I got it in a variety of other colours also! Remember not only is it a scarf, but also a pillow and a blanket while you’re up in the clouds.


Céline Sunglasses

The one item I knew I wanted to buy on this trip was a new pair of sunglasses – they’re a necessity for all travels, I think! I had my eye on the tortoise shell Taylor’s by Céline before I even arrived but had no luck after searching through different malls in Manila. One afternoon I met up with a couple of girlfriends who have been living in Manila for a few years now and she gave me the inside scoop to find designer sunglasses in the sea of malls in the city. I went the next day and bought these just before I left for Palawan. Perfect timing!

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Virgin coconut hair and body oil

When you head out of the city and to the islands you’ll definitely enjoy fresh coconut juice at just 50 pesos (AU$1.25) on the beaches, the exotic fruit doesn’t stop there – coconut based products for your hair and skin are plentiful and you won’t have a hard time finding any! This oil isn’t made up of synthetic chemical but virgin coconut blended with lemongrass and eucalyptus – natural insect repellant which, trust me, you’ll definitely need if you have sweet blood like I do!


Coconut soap

I told you you wouldn’t have a hard time finding more coconut products! This hypoallergenic soap contains natural oils and coconut flesh pieces for a soothing and moisturising effect to your skin. It also leaves you with a mild scent of coconut, reminiscent of the island life.


Embroidered coin purse

The kind of accessory you need to stash all your coins in one place while travelling! This coin purse is beautifully hand made, embroidered and has a small cowrie shell attached at the zip. I bought a few of these to give to friends when I returned and also have a couple left over if you’re interested in buying one.



I’ve been collecting seashells from every tropical destination or beach that I have visited for years now, it never gets old for me. These are a few I found on the different beaches of El Nido, so white and fresh!


Coral lipstick

After trying – what seems to be forever – to find a coral matte lipstick that matches my olive skin tone, I finally found the perfect shade of coral at The Face Shop – a leading Korean beauty brand with stores in The Philippines. They also have natural skincare products that my skin fell in love with including chia seed, rice water and aloe vera. A definite recommendation if you’re looking for natural beauty products – even if it’s just a soothing face mask. Oh and while you’re there, pick me up another matte lipstick in coral, pleasssse!


Bench daily scent

Bench is one of the biggest Filipino retail brands with stores in The Philippines and USA. They have a wide range of colognes and when I was just waiting around one day this yellow bottle in ‘Indian Summer’ stood out to me. It’s a very floral and cooling scent, quickly becoming a favourite part of my night time routine by splashing a little on my neck to feel fresh and smell good before sleep. The 75ml bottle is perfect for your carry on travels too!

Have you picked up some favourite travel finds? Please share in the comments below!

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Photo: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly

  • i absolutely love uniqlo’s scarves! and i’m pretty sure coconut anything is needed in everyones bathroom : )

    • TheLoveAssembly

      Hi Chelsea, thanks for your comment! Coconut everything is amazing! Hehe Ax

  • Alisha T

    Those sunglasses are amazing- such a good investment!

    xx Alisha

    • TheLoveAssembly

      It took me forever to find them! But now that I did I’ve been wearing them non-stop (insert face wearing sunglasses emoji icon here) Axx

  • How about pina made scarves (maybe for formal occasions)? I saw some in Antique but I believe they can be found in other areas on Panay Island and maybe in Negros Occidental.

  • Emma Foster

    There is something so lovely about bringing home your travels in little bits and pieces you can use every day, and you certainly have a lovely collection from this trip! I particulary love getting a new fragrance or scented candle. Nothing evokes memories of a holiday like a scent 🙂

    • TheLoveAssembly

      A new fragrance or candle is perfect! Thanks for your comment, Emma! 🙂 Ax

  • I’m just catching up on all of your Philippines posts and I love them 🙂 I love what you bought in the Philippines too. I have that coconut soap and will be stocking up on more before going home to Australia. You need to share with me your tips on where to find Celine sunglasses in Manila! I want to get a pair too. You’ve inspired me to blog, you can check it out at

    • Thanks Beryl – hope your Philippines adventures have been amazing! There’s definitely only a select few of the Celine styles and it takes forever to track them down but the designer optometrists are a good bet. Oh, exciting! I just checked it out – love love love it! 🙂 Ax

  • shetravels2

    I’ve been checking off Philippine dive destinations the past several years and now I’m inspired to add El Nido to my list. On collecting seashells, I hope you’ll reconsider. Please check out Leave No Trace principles which gives ethical, minimal-impact guidance on how to travel responsibly in the outdoors/wilderness in order to protect the environment. The often-mentioned “Take only pictures; leave only footprints” phrase also comes to mind.

    • El Nido is beautiful and a must see, I think! If you’re specifically going to dive Coron on the same island of Palawan is also great I hear. Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I will definitely reconsider. Photos are enough for me 🙂 Ax