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The Love Assembly is an online lifestyle destination; influencing and inspiring a world-wide audience to live a more creative and curious life through Travel, Life Inspiration, Business & Blogging Tips and Style.

Launched in November 2012, The Love Assembly has quickly received worldwide recognition – partnering with Condé Nast Traveler as the first Australian contributing travel and lifestyle blogger after just 18 months of being live. Our readers are culturally aware, attracted to quality, travel at least twice a year and are interested in keeping up to date with new, interesting and nourishing places to eat, shop and visit.


 Food + Hospitality

Food Photography Melbourne



Travel Photography Blogger


Life + Style

Travel Fashion Style Blog - Styling Services

*All styling and photographs above by Aubrey Daquinag.



Reach and engage with your target audience through visually appealing imagery and strong brand messaging.

  • Social Media promotion on our Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.
  • Sponsored / Branded Content
  • Banner Ads
  • Reviews and Competitions



Bring your travel destination, hotel, product, or experience to life online with The Love Assembly’s visual content production and campaign management experience.

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Management



With extensive professional experience in Marketing & Communications and as a freelance Digital & Creative Consultant, Aubrey is available for projects and collaborations to strategise and help establish, manage and grow your brand online.


Aubrey’s passion and energy lies in fostering strong brand engagement in digital story-telling through visual content. We offer our travel stories (photos separately and/or as a package with creative copy) and work as a travel contributor providing content creation for leading brands, company blogs, digital and print publications.

Qantas Travel Insider

Qantas Travel Insider

Conde Nast Traveler Contributor

Travel Blog Conde Nast Traveler


Marie Claire Australia

Travel Blog - Byron Bay Guide

Porsche Cars Luxury Lifestyle Blog – Woman With Drive

Travel and Fashion Style Blog

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  • jessica

    hey aubrey, i love your travel tips they are so handy. i also love your style ☺ and wondered how you keep your skin so soft especially your feet! i was wondering if you could do a section on your feet soft. and spread on your toes x

    • jess

      photos hun

      • Jade

        i dont know hw to take care of my feet.:( for someine whoe travels so often you have beautiful feet.secrets ?

  • Jane

    Shoe some photos of those soft feet ! 🙂 and what you do to take care of them

    • Kayla

      Yes Please!!!