Photography Tips: Byron Bay Travel

Photography Tips: What Camera Do You Use When You Travel?

I totally geek out when it comes to photography and camera gear. If I had to only take one thing on my travels (besides the necessities like your passport of course) it would be my camera(s), easy! I have travelled around the world with tourism boards to capture and promote different travel destinations through photography. This alone excites me because it combines two of my favourite things in life – travel and taking photos. One frequently asked question that seems to be evident is ‘What camera do you use?’ Followed shortly after with what are some photography tips – for travel and instagram photos.

Photography Tips: Byron Bay Travel

I think it’s super important to know what kind of style you want to hone in your photography. Whether you’re all about dreamy film, an eerily nostalgic mood, or bright clean and crisp images – identify your photography style and own it. The style I’ve chosen for The Love Assembly brand has been all about the latter: bright, clean, fresh and a little cheeky. With the aim to make you feel good, warm vibes and a sense of free spirit fun. My style of travel photography that I like to showcase is all about creating a moment. A moment that’s real, expressing a feeling, slightly candid elements in its purest form.

If you dig deeper and really think about the concept of photography, it’s unreal – kind of crazy, really. The thought that we can make time stand still – even if it’s just for a moment – still blows my mind.

I have a few cameras that are always first to be packed when I travel. Here’s a quick look:

Canon 6D

I previously had the Canon 5D Mark II for a few years but once my travels started picking up with the blog it became more of a hassle for my petite self to lug it around on my own (especially because most of the time I like to travel light with carry-on only). I needed a lightweight body but didn’t want to sacrifice quality, so when the Canon 6D was released and I researched more into it it only made sense as all my needs (a total of two) were ticked. It was described as the best travel camera going round because of its lightweight body and full-frame image quality. I switch between two lenses: a 40mm pancake and 24-105mm lens.

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Panasonic Lumix GX8

I was on the hunt for a smaller body (without compromising image quality) and a flip screen when Panasonic approached me to test run the new Lumix GX8 and be a part of the travel launch in Sydney. The stars seemed to align and I flew up from Melbourne to meet with many other talented photographers and content creators. I use this mainly for video with a 12-35mm lens – with 20.3 megapixels and 4K Video image and film turn out incredible. You can read all my favourite features about the Lumix GX8 here. It’s the camera that makes taking photos of yourself on solo travels so much easier.

Panasonic Lumix GX8 Camera Review

Fujfilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

I’ve always loved instant cameras – ever since I was in primary school (which was many many moons ago!) snapping away on my i-Zone Polaroid that came out as little stickers. Who else had one of these? We’re so caught up in the digital world these days that I find it refreshing and fun to take a step back and shoot on film. Those few seconds not knowing how the photo will turn out are always exciting and they serve well in tangible form. I was sold on upgrading to this Mini 90 Neo classic after finding out that it had a double exposure setting. Plus the retro black/tan and silver style looks pretty rad.

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Apple iPhone 6

When I’m use my iPhone 6 for photography, I edit images with my two favourite photography apps: Afterlight and VSCO cam. I hook on a wide-angle for landscapes because I feel that the perspective is very narrow and I like to change my case for a new look every now and then. I take you through everything that’s on my iPhone 6 and also show you how I edit my instagram photos on The Love Assembly Youtube channel. So go on over and have a watch if you’re curious, and don’t forget to show me a little love and subscribe!

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So there you have it, those are my current cameras that I use for my photography and take with me when I travel. I’d love to geek out on your camera gear and hear any photography tips that you would like to share – please leave a comment below!

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  • Hi Aubrey, good to read this! I love to use my Samsung NX300M White for the blog. It takes beautiful photos, is light & it is beautiful to look at haha. Love to read your content! Keep up the good work & have fun on your travels,



    • Hi Lieke, thanks for your comment and love! Oh I was interested in the black version of that camera – I feel like I need one similar with a flip screen for videos/vlogs. Your photos look incredible and love to have discovered your blog πŸ™‚ Ax

      • Thank you Aubrey! Yes, the flip screen is such a great feature on the camera. Glad to hear you like my photos & blog:-). Let me know when you’re planning a trip to my hometown Amsterdam!

        • Ofcourse! A visit to Amsterdam on my next Euro trip is a definite must πŸ™‚ Axx

  • I use the same cameras, especially my DSLR:)


  • Staben1


  • Lovely insider! I use an Olympus OMD EM-5 for everything I do, but my lens changes depending on what I’m shooting. My instax has been very neglected lately. Recently my boyfriend purchased a mini printer, which prints photo size images. It’s so fun going through hard copy images!

    Chalsie | Wayfare x

    • Thanks Chalsie! Always been curious about Olympus camera’s – I’ve never played around with one before but their commercials intrigue me haha. Going through hard copy images are the best, film’s so expensive – but so worth it huh! Oh, and you changed oh mr bear? Always loved your aesthetic πŸ™‚ Ax

  • I use a Canon DSLR too for the big stuff and my iphone 6 is great too! It’s great to have a little in betweener as well when you don’t want to lug around the big stuff.. currently investigating my next one so great tips! BT x

    • I agree, and in that time you commented I found an amazing inbetweener!! (obvs very excited about it haha) it’s the Panasonic lumix GX8 and it’s go the flip screen, amazing quality and not as bulky – review and features I love coming in a blog post soon! πŸ™‚ Aubrey

  • Edwina

    It is amazing – I agree with you that the 6D is the best along with the iPhone 6. Which lenses do you carry with you 50mm or 80mm?

    • Hi Edwina, I have the pancake lens (40mm) and 24-105mm. What do you use? Aubrey

      • Edwina

        Hi Aubrey I used the canon 6d and the L series 50mm. It has changed my photography. Edwina.

  • I’m looking to update my camera. Right now I have Nikon D-70, which I love, but I’d like to have a smaller option like the Fujifilm option that I can carry around with me for everyday use.

    • I just tested the next Panasonic lumix GX8 a few weeks ago at the launch and have been shooting with it now for the past few days. It’s seriously life changing from the 6D, review and features coming soon – it’s my new favourite toy πŸ™‚

      • Interesting. I’ll have to take a look at it. I usually prefer Nikon, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to branch out.

  • SΓ©rgio Fernandes

    Nice blog πŸ™‚
    I love to travel and photograph.
    Use Canon 6D + Canon 24-70mm + iphone 5s + Olympus TG-4(for underwater)
    For countrys that i have minimum security i use only my Olympus.

    • Hey Sergio, thanks! Ah I’ve got the 24-105mm, I really wanted the 24-70mm but it was a significant amount higher! The Olympus TG-4 for underwater sounds interesting, I’m going to check it out! Ax