My morning routine: How to increase productivity

My Morning Routine To Increase Productivity

Lately I’ve been more strict about my morning routine, inparticular my weekday morning routine to – as the title suggests – increase productivity. When you work independently from home and don’t have a specific location to go to, finding motivation in the morning can be difficult; a slow start to the day is just so easy to fall into… Now that I’ve tried and tested a few different ways, my current morning routine consists of a few elements that have helped me to increase productivity and generally just get more shit done in the morning.

My morning routine: How to increase productivity


The very first thing I do as soon as I get out of bed is spend 5-7minutes of stretching. You won’t believe by how just shaking gets the energy flowing – a great way to start the day! Energize your body with simple movements, twists and stretches. I either follow Ekhart Yoga or do my own routine. I also have a sheepskin rug right beside my bed, this makes my feet feel nice and cosy during this whole process.

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Splish splash

After a few stretches I head to the bathroom to wash my face. I do the first round with warm water then 2-3 splashes after with cold. It’s refreshing and wakes me up – kind of like a slap to the face “WAKEY WAKEY!”, not that I’ve ever experienced that, or would want to, but you know what I mean! It’s time to start the day so I spray my face with hydrating mist and I need to see so I put on my contacts, because without them I’d be bumping into walls.

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A chug of water

When you wake up your body is super dehydrated. My mum has been telling me for the longest time to drink warm water and lemon in the morning, but I haven’t come around around to doing this like she does (she does this every morning religiously) even though I’ve heard from everyone that it’s extremely good for you and it does wonders for your skin. Something about the citrus taste that I’m not really fond of. Instead, I drink a glass of water sans lemon. Room temperature (I don’t like chilled water) and the closest I can get to 1L.

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On The Move

Living close to the beach definitely has its perks. I wouldn’t even consider myself a beach kind of girl but surrounding yourself with nature is super refreshing in the morning. I make my way to the beach and then jog by the water – all to either an inspiring business or marketing podcast (this year has been all about podcasts!) or the beats of an electro chill playlist, sometimes stopping to watch the guys on at the skate park while I catch my breath.

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Juice me!

When I get back I’m all sweaty and pumped to start the day. I blend my juice that I’ve prepped the night before, turn my laptop on and go over my to-do list for the day. During the cooler months I’d go for something warm for breakfast but now that the weathers warming up in Melbourne I’m back to my standard green juice for breakfast. This includes spinach, celery, green apple, cucumber, kale, berries (either blueberries or strawberies), lemon and chia seeds. Then every other day I like to mix it up with a different combination because I get bored easy. This sees me through the morning without having a coffee. I’m able to concentrate and work all the way through to lunch, then take a break at lunch to shower and change from sporty spice to an outfit of the day.

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Not every morning is the same as with any creative job days change and sometimes I’d have early morning shoots or meetings. This morning routine works really well for my productivity when I have a morning day working from home.

Over to you — what’s your morning routine like? Do you have any tips to increase productivity in the morning? Share them in the comments below!

  • Love this! I live by a gorgeous beach here in Australia and have been trying to making running and working out there a morning ritual, but it’s been difficult. Balancing weird and ever-changing hospitality hours with my own writing work makes routine a challenge. Taking this as inspiration!

    • Oh I can only imagine how difficult it would be with hospitality hours! Hope you can figure out a way, I tried so many different ways before getting one right that suits my schedule. Good luck 🙂

  • Krina

    I definitely think you need to get into a routine on weekdays. I’ve just amended my workouts to first thing in the morning now rather than later on in the day 🙂

    • Yeah I prefer it in the morning also because then I have so much energy after and if it’s in the evening then I have so much energy at night when it’s really time to snooze haha! Ax

  • I find mornings really difficult. Ever since I went freelance I’ve been trying to create a solid morning routine for myself, but I find it hard to stick to something for long enough to make it a habit. Actually, my habit is sleep in and just sit at a desk for the rest of the day. It’s really bad!! Motivation is rough!
    Chalsie x

    • Tell me about it! I’ve tried so many different ways when it’s the occassional work-from-home day but you’re right – it’s so hard! I also find that setting meetings and/or coffees with other freelancers in the morning are a great way to get motivation for the day. It makes you get up and starting the day on a high. 🙂

      • Oh I totally agree about setting morning meetings! Helps so much. x

  • Julie

    Love these tips! 🙂 I’d really like to get into the habit of making a fresh juice in the morning. A great way to start the day!

    • I do it because it’s quick and easy. Plus it’s got all the ingredients for energy and I also notice a difference in my skin when I have it consistently for a long period of time. 🙂 Aubreyx

  • I love this post! Great tips! Also in love with that sheepskin rug!! I’ll have to invest! x


    • Thanks Kayla! Oh yes, your toes will thank you for it every morning hehe 🙂 Ax