Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Harmony of the Seas: On Board The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

I want to start this by saying that up until sailing on Harmony of the Seas, I had never been on a cruise before. What was the start to my two month adventures throughout Miami, Mexico, then back to Manila started with a first for me: on board sailing with Royal Caribbean for the inaugural launch of the world’s largest cruise ship. This definitely opened my mind to a different kind of travel out there, one of which I was never use to as a solo female traveller.

Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World


Stepping on board was like a different world. It had me in denial that I was actually on a ship with the shops and restaurants on offer after a smooth check-in process.

I’ve always been observant and I’m the type of person who has high attention to detail. I’ll notice little things about everyone like the way you type on your iPhone or how the texture of your top sits. You know when you’re asked what your strengths are when you go for a job interview? Yeah that was always mine. So, I thought whilst everyone else was enjoying the booze one afternoon, I would show you a few of the smaller details that are normally overlooked but stood out (and are always just as important!) to me on the world’s largest cruise ship.

Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Candy coloured chairs

These funky striped sun-baking chairs by the pool reminded me of the candy shaped stools in the world’s only dessert themed hotel. Does anyone know what the correct name of them are? These were fun, bright and the tropical version. We were, after all, sailing to the Bahamas! Bikini. Top deck. By the pool. Just remember your SPF, please.

Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Pasta making Class at Jamie’s Italian

I’ve enjoyed pasta making classes before and Jamie’s Italian had always been a restaurant I wanted to experience in Sydney but I never got the chance to. So when I saw the option for pasta making classes at Jamie’s Italian it was a no-brainer to sign up! Instead of just eating out, the bonus is learning all about making pasta with the team. The best part? Eating the fruits of your labour afterwards. Duh. #pastalove


Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World

 Art Collection

Oh what a delight it was to stumble upon the work of Leila Jeffreys, a wildlife photographer I admire, particularly for her beautiful bird portraits which I found on display. There’s a mini museum of works on the separate stair levels that everyone walked past. It wasn’t until I stopped to take photos when people noticed and commented on them. Another piece of work that really stood out to me was an intricate mandala made out of raw battery parts. It was all about combining the technical and spiritual world, which I loved. Because just like wearing flowy dresses with sneakers, I’m really drawn to the juxtaposition of differences.


Harmony of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Flower floors

Because flowers make me happy. And floral-tiled floors are the best kind of floors, full stop. If you’re following me on snapchat you would’ve seen me bust a little shimmy shake on here. If not, to bad – you missed out! Follow me @theloveassembly.

Of course this was after a stroll through their version of Central Park, a slide down the Ultimate Abyss (a 10-story slide that takes you from the top deck to the boardwalk), a taste of the Bionic Bar (robots mixing and serving us drinks, yes dancing robots), stimulating conversation on the rising bar and balcony that overlooked the ocean, and getting really enthusiastic for photos like this:



Who is this kind of travel for?

As a female solo traveller, I wouldn’t recommend going on it on your own. I was with a group and I think this really helped to enjoy the experience. I would definitely suggest group, couple or family travel for a cruise ship experience. Grab some friends and set sail, I say!