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Digital Nomad Adventures: Best of 2016 Travels

I welcomed this year through meditation for the very first time. 10 days of silence in Tasmania, Australia. It was hard. It was beautiful. Man, it changed my life. This year I changed, grew, wandered, challenged myself, loved, lost, danced, laughed, let curiosity overcome fear, let myself be, lived. My gosh did I live.

Here’s a few highlights from the year I chose to just say yes. I hope you enjoy but more importantly I hope you leave feeling inspired to create more of your own! VAMOS!


Best of 2016 travels

* Floated up in the clouds on a hot air balloon overlooking Yarra Valley for Tourism Victoria’s #WanderVictoria Campaign.

* Got my first taste of Japan with Tourism Japan. Sold a bunch of travel photos and was pretty much set for the next few months.

* Made my way over to South America for the very first time meeting other influencers from the Americas for Paypal Australia’s #RiobyPaypal Campaign. Capturing Rio De Janeiro before the Olympics. This was the start of my ‘official solo adventures.

* Conquered my first hike up Rainbow Mountain, passing over 5000m above sea level. Thinking that I was going to die (the oxygen is super thin) but I made it in the end and damn what a view!

* Stayed longer than expected in Peru, meeting new friends and living the Peruvian expat life for a little while in Cusco. I even went back to school with mi espanol classes in Peru and then Cartagena, Colombia.

* Solo travel around South America for 2 months with nothing but two backpacks.

* Hung up the hiking boots and all I wanted to do was dance on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. And that, I did. Champeta, Salsa, Bachata… (insert lady dancing emoji here!)

* Seeing the unexpected beauty on the South Island with Tourism New Zealand.

* Camping in the Australian outback with friends. 15km bike ride around Uluru and Kata Tjuta hike.

* More island hopping and snorkelling in the Philippines, this year: Coron in Palawan.

* First time aboard a cruise ship for the inaugural launch of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

* Yoga mornings and the supermoon in Miami and a peek at Art Basel.

* Finally making my way over to Tulum for a week long yoga retreat. Plus extending and exploring more of Mexico with friends – video diary coming soon!

Here’s to more adventures for the new year.
Here’s to more adventures for life.

Merry Christmas all!


    Aubrey Daquinag
    1. Megan Thudium
    2. 1 year ago

    So many amazing adventures! Can’t wait to follow in 2017. Checking out your Insta now.

      Aubrey Daquinag
      1. Aubrey Daquinag
      2. 1 year ago

      Thanks Megan! Looking forward to a new year and having you by our side on the journey 🙂

    Aubrey Daquinag
    1. Kayla
    2. 1 year ago

    What a colourful and rich you have had gorgeous girl! Loved the video and your smiling face in every country! So happy to be following along on all your adventures! Happy new year! Hopefully our paths cross in 2017! Love and light x

      Aubrey Daquinag
      1. Aubrey Daquinag
      2. 1 year ago

      Thanks Kayla – love seeing your adventures also! I have a feeling 2017 is the year we’ll cross paths somewhere in this wonderful world, BIG BIG LOVE Ax

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